About Us

Consumer Reviews is a non-profit and independent member organization that closely works with consumers to uphold truth, transparency, authenticity, and fairness within the marketplace. Every review published on Consumer Reviews undergoes rigorous research, investigative journalism, and consumer advocacy. We work effectively and efficiently to make sure customers make informed purchases, decisions, and improve the products and services that these businesses deliver. We maintain regulated, and fair competitive practices.

We license all of our content, testing, as well as, research data. In the future, we’ll aim to work with business partners as well. In addition, we also maintain a very strict separation between the commercial operations we have and our editorial operations. Consumer Reviews’ testing and editorial teams decide which services or products would be tested, reviewed, and written about with a critical eye. Third parties don’t dictate or control our decisions.

We live in a rapidly evolving world. That’s why Consumer Reviews aims to be transformative and groundbreaking when it comes to reviewing new technologies, products, services, and entering people’s lives every day. Consumer Reviews is passionate about what we do, and we know how much is at stake for customers. Consumer Reviews succeeds at our mission every time your person and your family gets a little bit safer, your new tech is trustworthy, and the services you receive is excellent. Together, we can create a fair, safe, and transparent marketplace for everyone.

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