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Welcome to Dreadlock Central, where you can find amazing dreadlocks and locs from around the world! The team of experts is dedicated to helping you find your perfect match; whether it be a full head of luscious locks, or something a bit more subtle. It offers everything from synthetic dreadlocks to hand-tied human hair, so whatever look you’re going for, they have it all. The selection includes different sizes, colors, styles, and textures to help ensure that your dream look becomes reality. Plus, with customer service staff always on hand to assist in answering questions or requests, there’s no need to worry about a thing – they’ve got you covered! So why wait? Step into the world of Dreadlock Central today and start making heads turn with your new fabulous locs!

About Dreadlock Central

Dreadlock Central is the industry leader in teaching the Instant Locs Crochet Method. This unique method offers clients a customizable experience tailored to their individual hair texture, regardless of how coarse or fine it is. Dreadlock Central has built a reputation for providing amazing results with this innovative technique, earning glowing reviews from clients who have experienced it for themselves. Led by founder Colby, who has nearly a decade of industry experience with dreadlocks behind her, Dreadlock Central ensures that every client and training session will benefit from top-notch knowledge and customer service. With Dreadlock Central at your side, anyone can enjoy having picture-perfect locs in no time!


The Instant Locs Crochet Method offers step-by-step guidance on how to crochet dreadlocks for beginners of any hair texture. It is a product-free and chemical-free method that requires well-designed hook techniques. The course material covers not just How To Crochet Dreads but How to Use Crochet Hook For Dreads as well, and consists of extremely detailed instructions with real-world hands-on practice. From starting easy to difficult progression, Root Maintenance Tutorial and Bonus DIY Self-Maintenance Class are included so individuals are able to make their own knots instantly and maintain them with ease.

How to Crochet Dreadlocks and Do Instant Locs

Crocheting dreadlocks is a unique art form that requires both practice and patience in order to be accomplished with success. It is crucial to do your research before diving into this journey – to begin, they suggest learning the “Fast Method” of crocheting Afro Hair as your practice medium since it is usually the easiest for beginners. Moving on, you can then go onto the “Slow Method” when practicing Afro hair. Along with this, many learners choose to further their study by moving on to Straight Hair to create an even more complex weave. After practicing each step on these types of hair, practice heads become readily available so that you can confidently apply the techniques you have learned. With the right amount of dedication and guidance, you will be able to produce beautiful locks with crochet.

Make Dreadlocks Like A Professional

Knowing how to make dreadlocks correctly is essential before attempting the task of creating professional-looking locks. How you begin can depend on your specific hair type—straight-haired individuals require backcombing while curly textures can be palm rolled. Another excellent method for all hair types is the instant locs crochet technique. If longer locks are desired, extensions may be applied at this point. To finish off and secure the dreads together, blurting the tips is highly recommended for a neat overall look. With appropriate care, you too can achieve stylish and beautiful dreadlocks that are sure to make an impression!

Instant Locs

Instant Locs are a revolutionary new way to achieve a professional-looking style that lasts while keeping your natural curl pattern intact. This crochet technique requires no string, waxes, or gels, providing clients with 99.9% success across all hair types. Instant Locs allow you to have the look of traditional Locs with none of the lengthy commitment that can come with them; you can rock your new style right away without sacrificing the health of your hair or texture. Whether you’re looking for a bold and edgy style or something more subtle and classic, Instant Locs are perfect for anyone ready to switch up their look without worrying about complicated formulas or unnatural-looking results. Try Instant Locs today and start embracing your new look!

Dreadlock Central: Making Dreadlocks Easy

At Dreadlock Central, each client is provided with personalized instruction and guidance throughout their journey. With a deep passion for hair styling and the drive to make the process of getting dreads simple and enjoyable, the team of experts makes sure that everyone who visits Dreadlock Central walks away feeling satisfied and empowered with their new look. By offering a variety of styling techniques such as crocheting, dread perming, and more, we are able to cater to the individual needs of all clients. Ready to start your Dreadlock journey today? Contact Dreadlock Central and get started!

What sets Dreadlock Central from others?

Dreadlock Central firmly believes that taking good care of your dreads should be easy and accessible. That’s why all Root Maintenance Tutorials and the Bonus DIY Self-Maintenance Class are included in every client’s journey so individuals can easily learn how to make their own knots instantly and maintain them with ease. With this level of dedication to the client’s needs, it’s no wonder why Dreadlock Central is known as the go-to destination for stunning and professional dreadlocks. Visit today and let them help you make your hair styling dreams a reality!



From afros to dreadlocks, styling your hair can be a fun and creative way to express yourself. With the right technique and guidance from an experienced professional, you too can create beautiful hairstyles that will last for days or even weeks! Whether you’re looking for a dramatic statement piece or something more subtle, make sure to explore all of the options available to you, and don’t be afraid to try something new. With the right technique, dedication, and guidance, you will be able to produce beautiful locks with crochet. So why not start your dreadlock journey today? Let Dreadlock Central help you transform your hair into something that truly reflects who you are!


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