Locum Tenens Salary: What to Expect?

Working as a Locum tenens can be gratifying, giving you a chance to gain experience and
choose the best environment for your work. It opens you to the future possibilities and even
offers you an earned income. In fact, due to supply and demand, locum tenens physicians can
now earn more than those working in a permanent practice in some specialties.

A locum tenens has many reasons to start a profession. Not only do locum doctors get more
flexibility in their shifts and enjoy a stronger work-life balance, but they also get the chance to
acquire varied work experience and develop their skills.

However, how will they recognize if they are paid the right compensation as a Locum tenens?

Typical pay of a Locum Tenens

It can be difficult to calculate the salary of a traditional locum tenens, since freelance doctors
work varying hours and are able to choose to work more or less. Locum doctors are paid on an
hourly basis, unlike full-time doctors with a set wage, they are able to be flexible about when and
where they work, often gaining valuable experience that they would be less able to obtain within
the constraints of a permanent job.

As a general guideline, salaried consultants earn a basic of somewhere between £77,913 and
£105,042 per year. The end-of-year pay will also be much higher for locum advisors, with many
contractors making over £ 100,000. But this will depend on a variety of variables, including how
many hours you spend, whether you are working on weekends and holidays, and whether you are
available for emergencies.


Average Wage of a Locum Tenens
While prices can vary, locum tenens typically receive a higher hourly rate than their full-time
counterparts. The average locum tenens pay ranges for some key specialties:

Family medicine physician salary ranges from $90 to $125 per hour, Hospitalist jobs ranges from
$140 to $180 per hour, Critical care physician ranges from $190 to $265 per hour, Emergency
medicine physician ranges from $160 to $245 per hour, while Psychiatrist ranges from $145 to
$180 per hour and Radiologist ranges from $175-$245 per hour.


Calculated pay rates by Locum Tenens

Out of the ability to work a flexible, personalized schedule, to the chance of gaining expertise in
practice settings worldwide, these opportunities are well known to locum tenens freelancers. Yet
there is what we call a “salary” that a locum job seeker must take into consideration.

Just like any other jobs, there are variables that a Locum Tenens must consider in determining
salary rate. The first one is the demand for specialties wherein competitive or hard to fill
facilities are willing to pay more. The next one is the area and kind of facility. All over the
country, there are open positions for locum tenens. Normally, the rural located pay more than the
urban located facilities mostly when it is harder for them to attract applicants.Third is the skillset
and new patients, your salary here depends on the level of work and specialties you are given.
The more demanding your job is, the higher you are paid. Last is the type of shifts needed. Tasks
can last only a couple of shifts, a weekend, or months at a time. Working weekends, calls, or
holidays can contribute to a higher pay rate for hourly locum tenens.

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