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With computers and other electronic devices becoming an integral part of our lives, it’s easy to see a future where everyone will need to use electronics to perform the simplest tasks. As our children keep getting exposed to these devices at a very young age, they must learn how to properly type as early as possible. Fortunately for you, the best free typing program for kids out in the market is within your reach: TypeDojo.

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Your Go-To Free Typing Program For Kids

TypeDojo showcases a program that’s spontaneous and interesting that will help your child how to type correctly. This free typing program for kids uses entertaining and modern-themed lessons. Each lesson is designed to teach your child typing skills in a gradual manner of building blocks. Every stage builds off the previous one until your child becomes an expert typist.

TypeDojo is a free typing program for kids aimed at young students. It works to teach your child the proper key placement, better nimble dexterity, and appropriate key-to-finger association. Once you enroll your child in their program, you’re helping them succeed in life with the help of a 21st-century skill.

TypeDojo’s program also works to impart good typing habits to your child during their earlier years. The free typing program for kids teaches how to avoid two-fingered typing and take advantage of ergonomic hand placement. They take advantage of age-appropriate activities, simple guides, and positive reinforcement that make typing easier for your child.

Through TypeDoj’s interactive lessons, bright interface, and feedback, your child will surely learn a real-world skill. All you’ll need to do is observe and monitor your child’s progress with the help of this free typing program for kids.

Their Lessons

TypeDojo’s lessons are divided into four different categories: Basic, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each category of this free typing program for kids aims to teach your child typing skills in a straightforward yet enjoyable manner. The categories have fifteen lessons with seven to ten sections each.

Basic Category


  • ‘J’, ‘F’, & ‘Space’
  • ‘D’, ‘K’, & ‘Space’
  • ‘S’, ‘L’, & ‘Space’
  • ‘A’, ‘;’, & ‘Space’
  • ‘G’, ‘H’, & ‘Space’
  • ‘R’, ‘U’, & ‘Space’
  • ‘E’, ‘U’, & ‘Space’
  • ‘W’, ‘O’, & ‘Space’
  • ‘Q’, ‘P’, & ‘Space’
  • ‘T’, ‘Y’, & ‘Space’
  • ‘V’, ‘M’, & ‘Space’
  • ‘C’, ‘,’, & ‘Space’
  • ‘X’, ‘.’, & ‘Space’
  • ‘Z’, ‘/’, & ‘Space’
  • ‘B’, ‘N’, & ‘Space’

TypeDojo’s basic lessons are beginners who are just starting to learn how to properly type. The lessons mostly deal with letters and important keys that are near those letters. By learning the keys and letters, your child will have the basic knowledge needed for the higher lessons. Your child will learn the proper placement of their fingers and which finger should touch which key. Each lesson is short and digested easily, which means that even if your kid has a short attention span, they’ll be able to learn several keys at a time.  When your child is done with these lessons from this free typing program for kids, your child will be prepared for the Beginner category.

Beginner Category


  • ‘Home Row’ Keys
  • ‘Top Row’ Keys
  • ‘Bottom Row’ Keys
  • ‘Shift – Home Row’ Keys
  • ‘Shift – Top Row’ Keys
  • ‘Shift – Bottom Row’ Keys
  • ‘Symbols – keys’
  • ‘Numbers – keys’

TypeDojo’s beginner lessons will work on the knowledge they’ve accumulated from the past lessons. The lessons of this free typing program for kids will focus on rows: bottom row, top row, home row, numbers, and alternate symbols. Your child will learn how to type short words, especially ones that use letters from the home row. With the help of short words, your child will see how words are just combinations of smaller units. By the end of the lessons, your child will be familiar with the needed movements to construct words.

Intermediate Category


  • ‘Words’
  • ‘Left Hand’ Words
  • ‘Right Hand’ Words
  • ‘Site’ Words
  • ‘Fry’ Words
  • ‘Short’ Phrases
  • Phrases
  • Sentences
  • Proverbs

TypeDojo’s intermediate lessons are meant for those who are already familiar with the basic typing skills. Your child will learn lessons that will teach them how to type groups that rely on ‘Left-hand’ and ‘Right-hand’ words. They’ll also learn how to type words that occur at high frequency and can be easily recognized. The lessons from this free typing program for kids will also teach your child how to properly type short phrases and sentences. In the last lesson, your child will have to learn how to type proverbs. During this stage, your child will be prepared for different typing projects in the future.

Advanced Category


  • ‘A Letter to Santa’
  • ‘Ben and Teddy’
  • ‘Best Friends’
  • ‘Bimbo the Clown’
  • ‘Christina learns to be grateful’
  • ‘David and Friends’
  • ‘James and His Teddy’
  • ‘Justine Space Journey’
  • ‘Lying is Bad’
  • ‘Peter learns how to read’

TypeDojo’s advanced lessons will bring everything that your child has learned from the previous lessons to completion. It aims to reinforce all of the skills they’ve learned with tasks that brought them to this stage. During this stage, your child can easily navigate the keyboard and will be able to use it without needing help.

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Do You Need To Sign-up?

Signing up isn’t a necessity. You don’t need to sign-up to enjoy TypeDojo’s lessons. However, if you want to fully take advantage of this free typing program for kids’ services, you should create a profile. With a profile, you can easily track your child’s progress.

Why Choose TypeDojo?

With the comprehensive and continuous lessons that TypeDojo offers, your child will surely learn the necessary skills that they need in the future. Every lesson is aimed to provide your child with the best learning experience while enjoying their time. There’s no arguing that TypeDojo is the #1 typing test program for kids and if that’s not enough to convince you, then we don’t know what will.


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