Lightweight and Weatherproof GPS Tracker for Bikes

Biking is a new hobby people have gotten themselves into since the pandemic brought limitations in transportation. As most public transportation became unavailable, people without private cars resorted to using bicycles to work or do errands. And since these lightweight two-wheeled vehicles are one of the new normal essentials, users are making sure to keep them away from bike looters. Hence, the increasing demand for the perfect GPS tracker for bikes.

Bicycles do not have much surface space. It has a lightweight body that can only accommodate a few necessary gadgets. There is just enough room for things like signal lights, a water bottle holder, a GPS tracker, and of course, the rider. If you are lucky enough, you might even fit a package bag at the back of your bike. Nonetheless, there will always be limited space.

Also, adding additional weight to your bicycle will make it harder to maneuver. Weight and balance have a direct correlation, wherein a well-balanced bike should have only 30% of the rider’s weight. Anything more than that will make it hard to stir and move forward.

That is why, when looking for a GPS tracker for bicycles, it is best to look for the one that is light enough not to disturb the sacred proportion of weight and balance. Also, since you will use it on the go, the GPS tracker should be compact and can fit in the palm of your hands.

Where to get the best GPS tracker for bikes


The best GPS tracker in the market is from Amcrest. It is almost the same size as a typical matchbox. And it is durable due since you can purchase a set that is inclusive of an IPX5 weatherproof casing, making your GPS tracker withstand direct hits for jets of water.

Most importantly, Amcrest’s GPS tracking devices have the following features:

4G LTE coverage

Most GPS tracking devices only have 2G and 3G coverage. Amcrest offers a more updated and innovative kind of receiver of GPS with its 4G LTE coverage. As a result, your GPS tracker has premium mapping services that allow faster reporting.

Unlimited alerts

Amcrest’s tracking devices offer unlimited alerts and one-touch SOS alerts that will notify you whenever your bicycle is on the move. This is an excellent form of defense against possible theft as the tracking application will instantly notify you, through text messages and in-app notifications, about unusual activities regarding your bike.


GPS trackers from Amcrest can instantly send alerts because the device is equipped with efficient geofencing. This mechanism is a process of using GPS technology to set perimeter boundaries for your bicycle. Meaning, your GPS tracker knows where your bike should be. Hence, if it gets taken away from that area without your aid, Amcrest’s GPS tracking app will send a notification immediately.

Real-time tracking

When you combine 4G LTE coverage and an efficient geofencing system, a GPS tracker can provide real-time tracking. This is essential, not only for security reasons. It is also useful for cyclists who wish to record the paths they have taken.

Thanks to real-time tracking, your GPS device will always have an updated database of your travels. Meaning, you can look back and find directions or choose the easiest path to take when revisiting a certain location.

Long-lasting battery

One of the many bothersome features of most GPS trackers is that they do not have prime battery conditions. If you do not charge it the night before, the device can lose power throughout the next day. This makes investing in a GPS tracker not worth it.

Lucky for you, Amcrest’s GPS trackers have a rechargeable battery, which can last for up to two weeks. Hence, you do not have to worry about losing coverage in the middle of the day or week. Plus, it is a good energy saver since you do not have to charge it every day.

Amcrest dedicates its services to providing modern and innovative security solutions for companies and people. They have a trailblazing record when it comes to surveillance devices, like CCTVs and GPS trackers.

With a good following of consumers and positive organic testimonials, you can guarantee that your GPS tracker from Amcrest will not fail your needs. It can even surprise you with all of its customizable features.

Outsmart bike thefts with a smart GPS tracker


Vehicle theft is still one of the most common crimes in the world. Although, in the US, the number of cases has been on a constant decline. But, that does not mean that you should be too comfortable with leaving your bicycles just anywhere.

Sometimes, chaining your bike up does not provide stable and reliable protection from possible theft. Looters can easily pick locks or saw through chains and wires. Also, bikes are relatively easy to carry and do not require a key to use. Hence, it is best to rely on more conventional and smarter ways to discourage ill-minded people from taking an interest in your bicycle.

What you need to do is install or attach a GPS tracker to your bike. Put it in a place that is not easily noticeable. And if you use a portable device like the one from Amcrest, you will have a tracker that is easy to hide. This will have the person stealing your bike off guard. Before they know it, you have already reported the crime to the authorities. Simply put, having a GPS tracker is the most efficient and safest way to protect your personal belongings, like bikes, from ever getting lost.

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