Two-Way Radios For School’s Safety

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There are more important things than protecting your children. Since school safety is such a priority for teachers and parents, prompt communication is key. Many school systems use the benefits of two-way radio to keep things organized and secure for everyone.

Having an effective communication system is one of the best ways for facilities to have. One of the fastest and most effective ways to facilitate communication in educational institutions is through the use of two-way radios.

Two-way radios can be used in different school situations, and administrators or teachers rely on radio devices to easily communicate with other staff. Whether in a daycare center, elementary school, highschools or colleges, two-way radio significantly helps schools.

Know more benefits a two-way radio can offer in school. Keep on reading as your school might need this device.

1. Directing School Traffic Made Easy

School traffic is normal, and it is part of everyday life. In school, everyone arrives at around the same time, so campus parking spaces and streets become congested. It’s not just cars that need to be guided properly but also children who are crossing on the pedestrian.

Campus traffic personnel need to keep everyone in the right direction and ensure student’s and children’s safety. Two-way radios make it easy to communicate with traffic managers, so everything runs smoothly. There is no way to navigate multiple traffic intersections without multiple people on guard, all of whom must communicate to avoid injury or accidents.

The benefits of two-way radios help reduce the risk of mistakes and speed up the delivery process. If something goes wrong on the road, two-way radios offer a quick way to communicate with a teacher, staff member, or school nurse without leaving the station. Communication is instant, which is vital for any situation.

2. Keep Classrooms Safe

Schools and two-way radios have been around for a long time, but there is a new trend in the way they are used. More and more schools are equipping every classroom with a radio so that teachers have access to a wide communication system in an emergency. Some staff has their personal radio to communicate with others in times of difficult situations easily.

School emergencies are not uncommon, but they do happen. When the classroom is locked or when there is a storm or hurricane in the city, individual teachers need applicable communication to keep their classrooms safe with children. Equipping all employees with two-way radios provides the best opportunity to communicate quickly with everyone at the same time, which no telephone or mobile phone system can offer.

3. School Bus Communication


School bus drivers rely on two-way radios to communicate with school officials and other drivers. Departure and arrival times, traffic problems, or the problem of a particular student boarding a bus can all be delivered to the appropriate staff via two-way radio.

The school bus is not only for picking up students and drive them back from school. Buses are also used for field trips and other school-related events. Having a quick and easy form of communication is essential even if the bus is full of students equipped with mobile phones.

One must be prepared for any emergency, that if all mobile phones do not work, a two-way radio can come to the rescue.

4. Enhanced Campus Security

In school, the safety of all students and staff is paramount. Each campus has several security monitors to ensure everyone is safe. There are also security guards to ensure that a school is secured all the time.

However, without equipment to easily communicate people inside the campus, you cannot guarantee instant communication in times of emergency. There are many cases when two-way radio comes in handy, for example, if a student is caught trying to eat or cash in bad behavior or there is an unknown intruder on campus.

Schools are large and have thick-walls, but two-way radio can easily send messages even on the complex structure of the place. You can call anyone or multiple people at the same time to spread information.


The best two-way radio for your school depends on where you will use it. If you just need to communicate with people on campus, a low-range two-way radio can work. However, if the same two-way radio system is used for long-distance travel like used by school drivers, it may be best to choose a better radio system.

Single-channel radio can work in some situations, but if more than one group needs the ability to communicate like in school where there are different departments, the multi-channel model of two-way radio should be your choice. If you need a radio system designed to meet more complex site or operating requirements, look into Discount two way radio for more information. Check their website to know the perfect radio system for your school.





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