The Ultimate Picture Frame Guide: Hanging and Framing Tips for Any Interior Design

Picture frames are one of the most popular and versatile pieces of picture framing in interior design. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. When you’re ready to frame your favorite picture or display a custom print, there’s no wrong way to do it!

Most people would use art or pictures to decorate their blank walls, and that’s a great way to design your interior without taking up too much space! No one wants a cluttered-looking space, and picture frames are the perfect way to avoid that. You can also use picture frames to add some personality to your room. If you have a lot of family photos, for example, you could frame them all and put them on one wall.

The great thing about picture frames is that they come in so many different sizes! That makes it easy to find the right one for any space. There are also different types of framing materials, such as wood or metal. So if you’re looking for a particular look or feel for your interior design, there’s definitely a picture frame out there that will fit the bill!

This article will highlight the different picture frame sizes and style options for picture frames that work with different types of interior design. We’ll also cover some tips on how to hang them up once they’re framed.

The Ultimate Picture Frame Guide

Picture frame sizes range from miniature picture frames to large picture frames and come in all shapes like square picture frames, round picture frames & more. When you’re ready for an update or looking for a new picture frame idea, consider one of the following options below!

Large Picture Frames: Make your favorite memories stand out by choosing a larger-sized photo frame. The larger size can help draw attention to essential photos that deserve it most while also helping them feel at home within their surroundings instead of appearing too cluttered on smaller wall spaces. To create this same look but less maintenance when adding or removing pictures, just choose hanging photo panels rather than traditional framed prints. Customize these photo displays further by painting the panels a solid coordinating color or choosing a wood stain to match the picture frames and furniture in the room.

Square Picture Frames: A square picture frame is perfect for those who love symmetry or want to make their photos appear more like art prints. When hung with other picture frames of different shapes, it can create visual interest on an otherwise bland wall. To add dimensionality to your photo without taking up too much space horizontally, go for a profound (or multiple) framed shadow box style.

Round Picture Frames: Round picture frames are best suited for people who want something less traditional yet still elegant looking than the standard square frame shape. They often come as part of a set together with oval picture frames to be used interchangeably; mix and match picture frames of different shapes for a unique look.

Oval Picture Frames: Oval picture frames are often used to create dimensionality and depth in photo display ideas. This works exceptionally well with square picture frame styles but can also be utilized on their own or together with other picture frame sizes that have straight edges, which is ideal if you want the focus to stay mainly on your subject matter rather than the shape of the actual picture framing too much.

Personalized Photo Frames: If you don’t feel like choosing from an already existing set of picture frames & prefer something personalized, try having custom photo frames made! You’ll get exactly what you’re looking for at any size while not spending as much money as buying everything pre-made would cost. Plus, it can be an extraordinary and unique gift idea for any loved one.

Once you’ve decided on the picture frame size that best suits your interior design goals and photo, it’s time to think about how to hang them!

How To Hang Picture Frames: Tips for Every Interior Design

custom frame

There are many ways to hang picture frames depending on what type of picture frame style or size you choose and the wall itself. We’ve compiled some tips below for every different scenario but if all else fails, take a picture of where you plan to hang your picture frames before starting anything (or better yet- have a friend help!), so you can get an accurate measurement.

If You Have A Hollow Doorway:
One of the most straightforward picture-hanging ideas is to hammer picture hangers into either side of the door frame and screw in a nail.

If Your Wall Is Plaster:
Use picture wire, but first, make sure your wall isn’t painted with anything that could chip off onto your picture frames! If so, use anchors instead & hang them by placing screws or nails on either side of where you want them hung at an equal distance from one another (usually around four inches) and place hooks over the top. The pressure will hold everything together securely without putting any holes in your walls unless they’re really flimsy plaster ones- beware. However, it can be pretty time-consuming to fill all those tiny holes afterward if that’s the case!

If You Have Wood Paneling:
Hammer picture hangers into either side of the wood paneling at equal distances from one another (usually four inches), then screw nails in over the top of them. The picture wire can run under or above depending on how your picture hanging plan is laid out. If you want to make it more decorative, though, try running picture wire across where two panels meet! This looks especially great with square picture frames with a clean straight edge rather than rounded.

If You Have Sheetrock Walls With Studs That Are 16 Inches Apart From One Another:
Place anchors on each wall for every picture frame & use screws to attach them directly onto the studs within before adding picture wire, just like when dealing with hollow doorways.

If You Have A Mirror:
Framing a mirror is similar to framing any picture. Still, the glass or acrylic used is much thicker and heavier, so take that into account when measuring! The same principles for hanging a picture frame still apply- use anchors on either side of the mirror if needed and make sure it’s level before hammering in the nails/screws. If your mirror has a decorative edge, try using wire around it instead of just at the back like you would with other picture frames.


Framing and hanging picture frames aren’t as difficult as it may seem– with the right tips, anyone can have a beautifully decorated interior design using photos of their favorite memories.

There are many different sizes and styles of picture frames to choose from, so start by deciding on what size would look best in the desired spot. Once that’s decided, think about how to hang the picture frame based on the type of wall it will be hung on.

Once you have all your picture frames hung, step back & enjoy your new photo display! Feeling inspired? Why not try some of these ideas out yourself? Or better yet, get creative & come up with your own picture hanging solutions that work specifically for your home. With a bit of effort, you can turn any dull wall into an eye-catching photo gallery in no time at all!

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