Budget Travel in Asia Made Easy with These Affordable Hostels

Sharing is caring” is the millennial generation’s new motto when it comes to budget travel.

The chances of you finding anything fewer than one hundred bucks should occur once in a blue moon – especially with the average daily rate of a hotel room in the U.S. being $120 (minus taxes).

Fancy hostels or “poshtels” on the other hand, are on the rise and are perfect for explorers watching the pennies but still insist on a sophisticated experience. Capsule hotels, as popularized in Japan, is also becoming a norm. Warning though: NOT for claustrophobics.

Not all hostels are made of wire-frame bunk beds, outdated bathroom facilities, or lack comfortable amenities.  If you’re not very particular about privacy and the commotion brought about by possible future friends (or foes – what does it matter, you probably won’t see each other ever again), you’ll have no problem lodging in these communal rest houses.

Here are the top affordable hostels around Asia to make budget travel easy.


Top Hostels in Japan

Just because they are originators of the capsule hotels, doesn’t mean that all their hostels are a claustrophobic trigger. They have regular dorm-room type accommodations, too.  Check out these stylish – and spacious – retreats for your next budget travel adventure.

J-Hoppers Osaka Guesthouse


(Image Source: Hostelworld – J-Hoppers Osaka Guesthouse)

Hotel and Hostel on the Marks, Tokyo


(Image Source: Hostelworld – Hotel and Hostel on the Marks, Tokyo)


Top Hostels in South Korea

You’ll probably think of the song made popular by Psy when you come across Kimchee Gangnam Guesthouse, but the name fits because it’s just as fun and sociable. The COOOOL Busan guesthouse on the other hand, is stationed among local restaurants, bars, and aquarium. It’s also just a few minutes away from the beach.

Kimchee Gangnam Guesthouse, Seoul


(Image Source: Hostelworld – Kimchee Gangnam Guesthouse, Seoul)

Guesthouse COOOOL, Busan


(Image Source: Hostelworld – Kimchee Gangnam Guesthouse, Seoul)


Top Hostels in Hong Kong

Hong Kong remains unsurpassed when it comes to maximizing minimal space. Located in the center of bustling attractions, bus routes, and food stops, these bed pods will guarantee you get the rest you need after a day of experiencing the place like a local. They are also Tripadvisor award winners under popular, trendiest, and top 20 categories!

The Mahjong, Hong Kong


(Image Source: Hostelworld – The Mahjong, Hong Kong)

Hop Inn on Mody


(Image Source: Hostelworld – Hop Inn on Mody)


Top Hostels in the Philippines

Minimalist meets edgy in these hip, quirky hostels located in the heart of the Philippines’ capital. These affordable hostels also provide café and lounge for relaxing and socializing. Looking for comfort during your budget travel? Just look for these names if you’re in the city.

Z Hostel, Makati


(Image Source: Hostelworld – Z Hostel)

Makati Junction Hostel


(Image Source: Hostelworld – Junction Hostel)


Top Hostels in Singapore

These modern yet colonial-inspired hostel cabins are sure to take you back to Singapore’s golden era. Step into these cubicles and you’re bound to enjoy your experiences at a slower, more peaceful pace.

Adler Hostel


(Image Source: Hostelworld – Adler Hostel)

Dream Lodge


(Image Source: Hostelworld – Dream Lodge)

Top Hostels in Thailand

Despite its location in Bangkok’s culturally-rich district, there is no doubt you’ll be sleeping soundly in these modern yet snug accommodations that feel like home away from home. By the look of the sleeping quarters alone, “Lub d” definitely lives up to its name since it translates to “sleep well” in the Thai language.  Good One Hostel on the other hand, is also a café and bar. How awesome is that?

Lub D, Bangkok Silom


(Image Source: Hostelworld – Lud D, Bangkok)

Good One Hostel and Café Bar


(Image Source: Hostelworld – Good One Hostel and Café Bar)


Ready to begin your budget travel in any of these affordable hostels?

Did I mention that these dorm accommodations only cost an average of $11-$40 per person, per night?

Remember that the more company you have, the less it costs. Single-occupant rooms usually charge twice as much as dorm-style rooms. Now’s the time to start planning your crew’s itinerary for semester break – or next summer. If these hostels don’t appeal to the travel bug in you, I don’t know what will.

We are the age group that prefers packing our rolled up shirts in backpacks and traipsing through tropical countries.  The generation that favors renting an apartment in a neighboring continent over buying a home.

These hostels will definitely make you realize how such a small space can offer so much – and how a little magic never hurt interior design. The fact that they’re accessible worldwide is just the icing on the cake. They’re also easy on the pocket and just around the corner in almost any city.

With the ever increasing rate of millennials doing budget travel tours, these poshtels are definitely here to stay.


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