Easy Learning in English: Google Word Coach Update

The Scoop: Learning your language has never been more fun and engaging. Google recently added a new feature to the search engine: the Google Word Coach.

Welcome Google’s new feature, Google Word Coach. This new feature is triggered when you are searching for a dictionary or a translate box and also by searching for “Google Word Coach” or “Word Search.”

The feature may be shown after that which aims to expand English-language vocabulary for non-native English speakers.

Here is an example of my experience with Google’s new feature.

Learning English for Fun

The “game” utilizes images as well as text, making learning English fun and easy to digest.

Currently, it is only available on mobile phones in non-English speaking countries. Further enhancements are underway to make the feature available to more countries as well as being in other languages as well.

So how did you score on Google Word Coach?

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