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6 Ways to Slow the Aging Process

The inevitability of aging cannot be stopped. It is part of our body and part of reality as we grow up. Our faces naturally lose some of their youthful fullness as we age. Our skin seems to be getting thinner and drier. Some days we may feel a little less energized, while at other times, we may notice fine lines and wrinkles in our face. Regardless, it’s never too late to slow down the aging process and make sure we look and feel our best.

But if you are still young, this is the best time to start taking care of your skin and slow down the process of aging. Below, learn some of the best and simple health and beauty tips you can follow to prevent your skin from aging faster.

Wear sunscreen every day.

Sun protection is important every day. This beauty tip is vital, so you should remember it. That doesn’t mean you don’t go out of your house; you don’t need to put on sunscreen anymore. Even at home, at the beach, or running errands, make sure you put on sunscreen. When you are outside, make sure to find a shade, wear protective clothing, and of course, use broad-spectrum, SPF 30 (or higher), water-resistant sunscreen.

Every day, apply your sunscreen to all exposed skin that is not protected by clothing. Take note, reapply the sunscreen according to the directions on the bottle. Most people don’t apply enough sunscreen, so use a generous amount and reapply every one to three hours, depending on how much sweating, swimming, or direct sun exposure you receive.

Start using sunscreen even you are just a teenager. For sure, your skin will thank you later for taking care of it in its prime years.

Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.


We all know that eating healthy food brings many benefits to our body, like slowing the process of aging. According to the studies, eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables will help prevent damage that causes skin aging. So if you are conscious of your skin and want to make sure you will still look young when you grow older, a healthy, well-balanced diet is necessary.

Moreover, according to a study, a diet high in sugar or other processed carbohydrates will hasten the aging process. If you love to eat this type of food, it is time to lessen or avoid eating these.

Don’t smoke.

Smoking is bad for your health in every way. It accelerates the breakdown of collagen in your skin and constricts the blood vessels that provide your skin’s oxygen and nutrients. Smokers are more likely to develop wrinkles at a younger age, and their nails and fingertips will turn yellow over time.

This habit is difficult to change, but maybe if you think of what you will look like for the next 15 to 20 years, this might be enough reason for you to quit. Remember these health tips today and for the next years.

Consider antioxidants and peptides.

Antioxidants and peptides are some of the best components that help slow down aging. These can be acquired in skincare products. According to New York dermatologist Heidi Waldorf, wash your face with a mild or gentle cleanser, use a moisturizer at night, preferably with retinoid (Vitamin A) if you desired. This skincare regimen is the simplest skincare routine you can try in your early twenties.

Moreover, peptides and antioxidants serums from grape seed extract, resveratrol, green tea, and vitamins A, C, and E are the best serums that you can get in the market. Waldorf advises using antioxidant-rich skin products first thing in the morning before applying a sunscreen moisturizer. Both products can protect skin from damage by working together.

Wear hats, visors, and sun-protective clothing.


As mentioned earlier, sunscreen protects your skin from the sun that causes it to age your skin. Just because you wear sunscreen doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear sun-protective clothing for your body. Especially if you spend too much time outside under the scorching sun, it is important to invest in sun-protective clothing.

Gently cleanse your skin.

You must gently cleanse your skin, as mentioned above. When scrubbing your face, you are irritating your skin which causes you to fasten the process of aging. Remember to clean your face using your fingertips and just gently move around your fingers to your face.

It depends if you are sweating a lot; just wash your face twice a day. Perspiration irritates the skin, particularly when wearing a hat or helmet, so you should wash your skin as soon as possible after sweating.

More importantly, don’t use or stop using skincare products that sting or burn your skin. It means the skin is irritated when it burns or stings. Also, when you go under the sun without sunscreen, it will only worsen.

All these beauty tips to make your skin look youthful and plump will surely benefit you. To read more beauty and health tips, you can free to check out HealthyTed.

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