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Top 3 Fantastic Celebrity Curated Spotify Playlist to Listen to

The Scoop: Spotify is the world’s number one music subscription service which brings you your daily dose of music. You can find many songs there and here are our top 3 celebrity curated Spotify playlist that you might want to listen to.

If food is the nourishment of the physical body, music is the sustenance of the soul. Have you ever experienced going home tired and drained from the day? However, one listen to your favorite tunes and you instantly perk up? Those times are the best times.

If ever you are want something new or feeling daring in listening to something out of your preferred music, try some Spotify playlist that is curated by famous celebrities.

Charlie Brooker’s San Junipero

Charlie Brooker
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Charlie Brooker is the famous creator of the hit sci-fi, drama show Black Mirror. He shares a lovely compilation of the 80’s that was also present in one of the best episodes of his show. San Junipero. This lovely Spotify playlist shares what the episode also shared. Love is real and it knows no boundaries. Notice that Heaven is a Place on Earth is the playlist’s opening and closing?

Lorde’s Homemade Dynamite

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Last year, Lorde compiled a playlist dedicated to sharing the songs that she is listening to for her fans. According to a tweet, Lorde said that she was always posting the songs she was listening to on Twitter and decided that she’ll make a playlist for that. Moreover, she will be updating her list with the music she’s listening to.

Taylor Swift’s Songs Taylor Loves

Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift has been making waves in the music industry by releasing catchy and relatable songs. Just this February 5, Taylor shared a Spotify playlist that featured her favorite songs for her fans to listen to. Not only that, her playlist is refreshing to look at since it doesn’t contain all of her songs. This is an excellent way for smaller yet talented artist to get exposure and be known for their potential that Taylor sees in them.

Keep Calm and Listen to Music

Like art, there are no wrong answers in music. It all depends on the preference of a person. Therefore, it’s okay if you don’t find the music of these artists’ appealing. However, no matter the genre and tune, music will always be a part of us and our daily living.

So what’s your favorite music that your favorite celebrity is also listening?

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