Most Popular Ringtones List to Download for Free

It’s nice when you receive a message or a call and the ringtone you set starts to play. Sometimes it’s nice to just let it play for a while until you feel like you NEED to accept that call. Well, there are thousands of choices for ringtones, and which one you choose depends entirely on your tastes and preferences.

If you are trying to search for popular ringtones that you can use for your own phone ringtone, you will find hundreds and thousands of them to choose from. You have the entirety of the internet to look for a ringtone to download for free since the dawn of the internet, and sites everywhere are littered with them for calls, messages, and even alarms, and there are thousands of new ones coming up every single day as well.

Ringtones are the sound that you hear on your phone when someone is calling you, messaging you, or it can be your alarm waking you up, and this can be personalized to sound like anything that you want, which gives you an infinite number of possibilities.

You are free to choose absolutely any ringtone that you want, and anyone’s most obvious choice is to pick their favorite song. Any song can be a ringtone, scratch that, ANYTHING can be a ringtone. A huff or a puff or a fart, maybe even a sneeze. You can use running water, a bird chirping, a dog barking, a plate breaking, or even rain falling. There are a lot of sites that can give you the ringtones you want, ringtone sites like All-ringtones.com, iTuneMachine, ToneTweet, or any site that you can download an mp3 file from!

This article lists the most popular ringtones list to download for free.

Most Popular Ringtones

Popularity keeps changing simply because there are so many new ones coming up regularly. Trends change as well, and people’s tastes constantly shift from one thing to another. It’s a never-ending cycle of change, but luckily, ringtones have always kept up with the times. It is entirely up to you to decide if you want to keep your existing ringtone, or get a new one, use the one that comes preinstalled on your phone, or even create a new one for yourself!

Finding ringtones to download for free is so easy, and downloading them from the web is so simple that anyone can download any ringtone they want. Here are some of the popular ringtones to download.

  • The Fast and the Furious Theme
  • Darude – Sandstorm
  • Zac Brown Band-Someone I Used to Know
  • Kina Grannis-Can’t help falling in love
  • Ed Sheeran-Shape of You
  • Michael Jackson-Beat it
  • Camila Cabello-Havana
  • Adele-Rolling in the Deep
  • Adele-Hello
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Theme
  • Beethoven-Ode to Joy
  • Beethoven – 5th Symphony
  • Bryan Adams – Summer of ’69
  • Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
  • 50 Cent – 21 Questions
  • Eminem – Superman
  • Ludacris – Act a Fool
  • Luis Fonsi-Despacito
  • Charlie Puth-Attention
  • Dua Lipa-New Rules
  • Demi Lovato-Sorry Not Sorry
  • Maroon 5-What Lovers Do
  • Post Malone-rockstar
  • Imagine Dragons-Whatever it Takes
  • Imagine Dragons-Thunder
  • The Crazy Frog Theme
  • 50 Cent – In Da Club
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
  • The Mission Impossible Theme
  • The Godfather Theme
  • The Black-Eyed Peas – I Got a Feeling
  • Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone
  • ACDC – Highway to Hell
  • ACDC – Born to be Wild
  • Pitbull – I Know You Want Me
  • Shakira – Waka Waka

These are some of the world’s most popular ringtones right now. There are thousands and thousands more of such ringtones and it all depends on the kind of music that an individual likes. There are plenty of such categories to choose from, depending on your genre of preference, your artist of preference, and obviously your track of preference.

Once you figure out how to change the sound profile settings and the settings on your cell phone, you can pick a song from the list as your ringtone for free. You can even assign different ringtones to different people on your contacts list as well. You also can choose more than one song from the list, and set it to each specific contact, so you know who’s calling depending on the song that has been set to their name.

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A lot of people face a problem when choosing the ringtone that they want because they only want to hear a certain part of the song when it plays as a ringtone, but have to settle for only the beginning of the track. You can edit a track or make your own by using Ringtone Maker. All you will have to do is Just upload the sound clip or music file from your computer and choose a start and stop time, then save it and make that your ringtone! It’s that easy!

Ringtones are all created in this manner, and now you can do this yourself as well. So go find that song you want, and go ahead and get one of your choices for your messages, calls, and alarms!

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