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Consumer Reviews takes pride in brutal honesty, absolute transparency, and fairness. But aside from that, we love to share lots of ideas as well. For this reason, we’re inviting avid and interested authors like you to contribute your thoughts here.

As long as it’s an honest review and mostly derives from personal experience with any product or service, you’re absolutely welcome to write for us today.


  • A minimum of 1000 words and include a short description of your post about 150 characters.
  • All your final content drafts must include an author bio wherein author bio should be about 40-50 words which should be snappy, informative.
  • You can include one link to your website (dofollow) using your brand name
  • Well structured, written in clear English & free from grammar errors
  • Content must have a voice, bold, interesting and human
  • Unique or original, exclusive for this blog post only, please don’t send old posts
  • Topics: technology, digital marketing, how to, reviews, gadgets, movies, games, design and development
  • Write what you really good at, you have the freedom to choose from those given topics, keep the content great.
  • Please do not include images larger than 800px in width and 100 kb in size and make sure to provide the right source of your photo for images under certain license.
  • You can also include YouTube videos as long as it is relevant to the post and must have a source.
  • No affiliate links or codes included in the content submitted
  • Add some internal links using scoopfed articles – at most 2 internal links

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